The hardcore server is ONLINE.

There are 0 players online out of 10 maximum.

We are running a hardcore Minceraft server, with a ghost token system. Players can be revived once every month.

Ghost Token Status

Username Ghost Token Available?
Ploberu Yes
omiiiiii_ Yes
X_senpai_ Yes
LegoHacker Yes
_Johnny_Five_ Yes
DarkNessQC_ Yes
FermatSleep Yes
dutsky Yes
Mogg__ Yes
TryingMonkey567 Yes
taddas Yes
FuriousMint Yes
u3no_ Yes
miateii Yes
Auroki Yes
Bilibili_Feng Yes
Storm_Gamer Yes
SnowCode Yes
xordspar0 Yes
TheMy5teryMan Yes
Nefsoo Yes
NiOgtreds Yes
Melon__Bread Yes
No_elle Yes
_BrainDamage Yes
MinetrackMe Yes
xxx_b0ss_2010 Yes
Julepe Yes
Zootoot Yes
DynTylluan Yes
troido Yes
MineRobber___T Yes
Bowley1 Yes
bencark Yes
tiggon Yes
ant1her0 Yes
NeoRusher Yes
dozens Yes
stilbruch Yes
Ekkie_Horsie Yes